Easter Bunny Footprints - Bunny Prints - Easter Bunny Magic - Handmade Stencil - Laser Engraved - Wooden Bunny Print Stencil

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This is for ONE Easter Bunny Footprint Stencil. If you need more than one, please add them each to your cart before purchasing.

Add a little extra magic to Easter this year! This adorable stencil is sure to become a family favorite, and enjoyed for years to come. Perfect for making lots of bunny prints through the house! Simply place the stencil on the floor and sprinkle powdered sugar over the top. Carefully lift off the bunny print stencil and enjoy the cute little bunny footprint it leaves behind. When you're done enjoying the bunny prints, use a vacuum or sweep up. 

The stencil is made of 1/8" wood, and measures approx 5.4"x4.2" around the straight edges. The design is made by me and cut on my laser machine. 

This includes the easter bunny footprint stencil only, photo props are not included.

If you have any questions, please click on the "message us" link in the bottom right corner of this page, or email me misty@strocketeer.com

These bunny print stencils are perfect for gift giving or adding to your own unique Easter collection.

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This includes the bunny print stencil only, photo props are not included.