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Christmas Toilet Paper Gag Gifts - White Elephant Gift - Toilet Paper with Vinyl Sayings

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This will be for ONE roll of toilet paper. Please choose your design and add to your cart. For Large orders, Please message me. The design is made in vinyl on the outermost layer of toilet paper, it’s not printed on the entire roll. 

We ALL have that person who has everything!! Except this!!! Introducing the POOfect gift for everyone! These rolls of toilet paper are sure to be a hit! Great as a white elephant gift or as a gag gift. Imagine the conversations and laughter had by all! Great for pairing with a gift card. These come in a clear bag tied closed with a ribbon, ready for gift giving.

These are regular rolls of toilet paper with vinyl attached. They and can be used if you unroll the vinyl area first. Vinyl is not flushable.

Please choose your design during checkout. 

1 - All I got from Secret Santa was this Crappy Gift
2 - Here's some Crap. Love, Secret Santa
3 - Secret Santa on Doody
4 - Secret Santa on a Roll
5 - Baby it's Stinky in here
6 - Tis the Season to be Pooping
7 - Tinkle All the Way
8 - It's the most wonderful Poop of the year
9 - Ho Ho Oh poop
10 - Stink Stank Stunk
11 - Here's your crappy gift
12 - This is the crappiest gift I could find
13 - In case you get crap for christmas
14 - Ho Ho Ho I gotta Go
15 - He Sees you when You're Pooping
16 - Sorry, Ran out of coal. Love, Santa
17 - When you stop believing, You get Toilet Paper
18 - Santa Believes in POO
19 - Merry Christmas POO You
20 - The Elf says you're full of POO
21 - Santa Said URINE trouble!
22 - Hap - PEE - Holidays                                                                                      23 - Let it GO

If you have custom requests that aren't listed here, please contact me.